YE3 Series Three Phase Induction

YE3 series premium efficiency three phase asynchronous motor is a kind of totally enclosed fan-cooled squirrel-cage induction motor. The efficiency class of YE3 series motors are in accordance with Chinese National standard GB 18613-2012 class II, as welt as IEC 60034-30 Premium Efficiency standard (IE3). YE3 series motors have lots of futures such as better premium efficiency and energy saving than YE2 series motors, excellent performance, low noise and vibration, high reliability, easy operation and etc. Moreover, YE3 series motors have the same dimensions and output power with YE2 series motors, therefore YE3 series motors could replace YE2 series motors directly that achieves the purpose of energy saving. Motors from H160 and above are equipped with re-grease hole and drain hole, and reserved the space of PTC and anti-condensation heater for the users to choose. Outout Dower ran ae of YE3 series motors: 0.75kW-375kW: Frame size of YE3 series motors: H80-H355

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