YVF2 variable frequency motors

YVF2 series variable frequency adjustable-speed converter-fed three phase induction motor is a kind of special motor which driven by frequency converter, rotating speed of the YVF2 series motors can be regulated steplessly by frequency converter, thus enable energy saving and automatic control of the motors. YVF2 series motors are fitted with ventilation fan which provide better cooling effect to ensure motors running at various speed YVF2 series motors are suitable for transmissions by which speed一regulation is needed, are widely used in light industries, metallurgy industries, textile industries, chemical industries, machine tool industries etc. while fitted with highly accurate sensor, the motors can achieve highly accurate operation of closed loop. To be convenient for users, dimensions and rated output of YVF2 series motors are same as those of Y2 series motors, also in conformity with IEC60072一 1:1991.


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